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MOG #9 "XX"

2021 ESP Custom Raiden 8

" XX"

Raiden front.png


  • Estimated Value: US$ 6,000

  • Colour: Raiden 8

  • Type: Solid Body 

  • Neck Joint: Bolt On

  • Woods: Alder (body), Hard Rock Maple (neck), Ebony (fretboard)

  • Electronics: Seymour Duncan Sentient 8 (Neck), Nazgul 8 (Bridge), Master Volume, Master Tone 3 Way Switch. Coil Split Switch

  • Bridge: Floyd Rose 8 String

  • Tuners: 'Gotoh'

  • Scale Length: 27 inch

  • Fretboard Radius: 15.7 inches

  • Frets: JESCAR FW57110

  • Neck profile: Thin U

  •  Finish: Poly

  • Pickguard: Red Alumnite

  • No of Frets: 24


" "

The Story

Raiden back.png

The tale of 'Excalibur', possibly the last new Modern Eagle 1 ever and of which I am lucky to be the first owner, is mired in drama, controversy and a near miss heartbreak.


The first part of the story takes place in 2007, a time when PRS's production of Brazilian rosewood necked models (the Modern Eagle and the 513) were abruptly paused while they were asked by the US government to prove the provenance of the said extremely rare and restricted woods. It was a full five years later in 2012, when they were given the green signal and the remaining Modern Eagles were re-released for sale, some with choice upgrades reflecting the progress made by PRS in those years. 

'Excalibur' was one of these 2012 models upgraded from the factory with the latest tuners, bridge and the critically acclaimed 57/08 pickups featuring 1950s Gibson wire.

I come into the picture in 2019 when after falling in love with the brazilian rosewood necks on my 513 rosewoods, I was looking for its more famous companion the original Modern Eagle. After trawling every corner of the net I could find, I was shocked to find a new one for sale and promptly got in touch with the dealer, asking them to ship it to the Excalibur hotel in Vegas where I was staying.

The next three days gave me an understanding of dysfunction of the domestic courier system which I was not prepared for. Highs, lows, the package being lost, the package being found, it may have made an entertaining drama had it not been the package being a rare and valuable guitar such as this. Finally right as we were about to leave Vegas, the courier office told us that the package was officially lost and asked us to file for insurance. I was heartbroken but my wife suggested we make one last stop at the reception at the Excalibur hotel just in case. 


I could scarcely believe my ears when the service staff said yes there indeed was a package and the sight of the familiar PRS case sized box was one I will never forget. Some NGDs are special but few are burnt into the memory such as this.

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