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Guitar Heaven is now a place on Earth in the Lion City of Singapore

The Ministry of Guitar is one of Asia's largest Private collections of high end guitars and dream guitars. Our Collection currently contains 70+ instruments from Gibson Custom Shop, Fender Custom Shop, PRS Private Stock, some choice Vintage instruments, Musicman Ball Family Reserve, Mayones, ESP Custom and many more


The Dream Guitar Experience is a 2 hour curated experience, personalized for each guitarist where you get to play and learn about these fine instruments Don't only read about a 150W Tube Amp at full chat, experience it.  Do tonewoods matter? Try it for yourself. How different do different brands feel played back to back? Does an expensive guitar feel 10 times better than a cheap guitar? Are Custom shops really worth it? All the answers await you. In the Ministry of Guitar, you can play all the guitars to your heart's content without any pressure of buying or other people noodling loudly around you, as you would find in a guitar store.

To reserve the Dream Guitar Experience , please fill up the form below


- The Dream Guitar Experience's duration is two hours. You may play as many guitars in the collection as you like, and our in-house collector (aka Utkarsh) will be on hand to help you with everything you need including technical set up etc. You may film and record as you like and we can professionally record into our DAW if you want.


-Pricing is SGD150/pax for groups of 2 and 3, or SGD300 for an individual reservation, all inclusive.  We recommend groups of 2 but accomodate 3 on request.

- The Dream Guitar experience operates on some Weekends only. Booking slots will be awarded on a first come first serve basis. If you are travelling to Singapore only for a few days, please indicate that in the booking request and we will try and accommodate you

- We welcome guitarists of all ages but minors must be accompanied by at least one adult guardian.

- Given the value of the guitars, there is a refundable deposit of SGD200, payable at the point of booking and refunded after the session. This is only to encourage careful handling.


We will attempt to reply within 48 hours latest with Reservation Time slot and Booking instructions. Thank you for your patience


Booking, payment instructions and logistics will be communicated via email. 

Reservation time slots are blocked first come first serve. No exceptions. Thank you for understanding

If you are only in Singapore for a few days, we will try our best to accomodate you but please understand in case it is not possible. Please try to book 1-2 months in advance to avoid disappointment.

- Prepayment is required to secure booking and is non-refundable If you are unable to make your original slot for extenuating circumstances, we can accomodate one change in time slot if the request is communicated 72 hours in advance to the slot

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